EvoWars.io Game

EvoWars.io is one of the best classic Io games based on Agario style. Not only that, it will bring a lot of exciting upgrades to the player when they advance. Come to the new massive arena and take part in the ultimate deathmatch along with other people throughout the world. You will start with a caveman. In each level, you are able to grow and change your skin with your weapon. And, that is called the evolution process. When you get bigger, you will move slower. So, smaller opponents can escape although you can hunt them easily. You are allowed to speed up and chase them. However, it is not necessary anymore. Additionally, it will decrease your experience. If you are still vulnerable, you are recommended to search for collectible orbs and approach the prey rapidly. Let’s embark on the fighting and survive until you dominate the top spot! Good luck!

How to play EvoWars.io

Use the mouse to move, LMB to attack, RMB to speed up.


Play EvoWars.io

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