Hero Tower Wars

Hero Tower Wars Game

Hero Tower Wars offers a great mix of arcade, battle strategy and puzzle game. In fact, overcoming puzzles has never been easy when participating in this game.

Hero Tower Wars unblocked and a treasure of exciting adventure puzzles

Because the game has a mix of different game genres, you will definitely have a special experience when playing. Combination mechanics and adventure puzzles will challenge anyone looking to save their princess.

Accuracy is essential in Hero Tower Wars online

In entertaining adventure html5 games, you will have to help the little hero knock down the towers in each level! Your mission is to destroy the guards on the towers to win.

Play Hero Tower Wars online, you and the guards will have different strength stats. When fighting, whoever’s number is greater than that person will win.

Do your best to save the beautiful princess from the enemy. Of course, you won’t have to use force to do that. Instead, move the character in each level of the tower. Then calculate addition, subtraction or multiplication to raise your level and defeat each enemy.

Obviously, accuracy is essential in Hero Tower Wars unblocked. Improve your skill through each levels. You can even improve your character with each skin type.

Don’t forget to get different items to increase your level. These items will give you more money to be able to unlock different skins. The experience in Hero Tower Wars puzzle game therefore becomes more interesting than ever.

The game also offers a magical graphics with beautiful locations for you to explore. You can challenge yourself through extremely attractive daily tasks.

Join Hero Tower Wars online now to improve your score. Pass the puzzles in a spectacular way and prove you are a true hero.

How to play Hero Tower Wars

Use mouse to drag the character to the position of the guards to fight.

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Hero Tower Wars

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