Shape Shooter 2

Shape Shooter 2 Game

Shape Shooter 2 unblocked is a playfield taking place in a strange cyberworld as in Tron. Try to protect yourself from every rival and survive until you dominate!

Shape Shooter 2 game drops you on a unique battlefield

It is an intense match like Zombie Online. Therefore, you need to attack and defend. So, you are able to stay alive at the moment that you take over the leaderboard.

Aside from that, it’s essential for you to upgrade your character in Shape Shooter 2 game by using new weapons. Additionally, remember to unlock and own all of the shapes by advancing in levels!

Shape Shooter 2 hacked brings a fantastic gameplay

In the beginning, you will enter a neon arena. And, it’s full of vehicles like shapes. Then, you should move around carefully to collect points. Besides, you’re capable of performing your special skill. The starting shape will give you a bomb so you can escape from dangerous cases.

In addition to shooting, you can add cannons with upgrades in Shape Shooter 2. Thus, shoot green shapes. Next, you will get some amazing upgrades. For example, you can make the target frozen for a short time.

Further, you will receive another shape if you successfully level up. Not only that, these new shapes will go with their abilities, for instance, big grenades, scattershot, and so on.

Shape Shooter 2 hacked is a free-to-play game. It’s ready to introduce to you an incredible battle. Take part in the match and show your possibilities right now!

How to play Shape Shooter 2

Move the mouse to direct your character Left mouse to launch skills Right mouse to pause.

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Shape Shooter 2

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