Jewels Blitz 5

Jewels Blitz 5 Game

Jewels Blitz 5 is a puzzle-match 3 game full of mysteries and challenges for you to solve. You make your way through Mayan temples when you try to solve puzzles.

The game gives you a familiar feeling since it is the sequel to Jewels Blitz 4 game. Nevertheless, you can give it a shot. You discover Mayan temples to uncover lots of mysteries. To do so, you have to find and match jewels with colors on various levels.

The way you match jewels is kind of simple. Hence, you will find the game easy to play. However, you still need to find the matching ones. You can swap some jewels then match them. Make sure you match at least three jewels of the same type.

Once you have matched a group of three jewels, they will clear from the board. Then, more gems will get into their places. The more jewels of the same color you match, the more points you will get. It brings you a seal you utilize to eliminate the rows.

As you play, you can make use of some boosters that help you clear lots of gems at the same time. You can buy more boosters using gold coins you have earned. The boosters will help you complete your objectives in an easy way.

Besides boosters, you can obtain strong effects when you match great numbers of jewels with the same color. Try to prove your puzzle-solving skills as you play and complete all levels to win. Jewels Blitz 5 unblocked is a fun jewel-matching game with lots of levels for you to play. Enjoy it!

How to play Jewels Blitz 5

Match the jewels of the same color by dragging the left mouse button.

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Jewels Blitz 5

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