Game is a great online racing game. Join the available Free For All mode and get ready to drift. Actually, you will do that instead of driving or moving in the usual way. It may be the best way to fight against lots of enemies in the same arena. Along with the special car that you receive at the starting, you are able to perform deadly hits. Your mission is to survive as long as possible. Once you can stay alive, you will have the chance to climb up to the highest position on the leaderboard and dominate it. Obviously, it is not a simple job. After you get in your vehicle, you can embark on crashing into the rear, two sides or any part of other means. Do not ignore dashing before you attack your targets! Remember to defend your back! While roaming, pick up colored bolts in order to make your own bumper grow in size. Indeed, it will gain mass to get longer and bigger. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to drift, LMB or Space to dash.

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Scarlet is a game writer. Her hobbies are traveling and reading books. She loves to play epic matches with friends and proves her surviving skills game. Have fun.


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