StartUp Fever

StartUp Fever Game

StartUp Fever brings you an idle gaming experience. The game lets you play as a businessman trying to grow the business by performing lots of tasks and projects.

StartUp Fever is an idle game online where you can play to enhance your business skills

You start the game with the paper business. There are many things for you to do since you are a businessman. For instance, you can recruit workers, assign them to projects, as well as collect profits for your business’s growth.

Expand your business to a bigger one in StartUp Fever multiplayer online game

When you make a progress in the game, your business will be grown. Hence, you need to play it hard and focus on it to expand your business. Then, your business can develop into an IT and logistics business.

Try to hire lots of workers because they will help you do work and bring you more cash. When you earn enough, you can unlock new areas, obtain machine upgrades, as well as grow production.

StartUp Fever unblocked makes you a hard-working businessman. You can play the game to learn business tips.

How to play StartUp Fever

Move your character using arrow keys, WASD, or dragging the left mouse button. Use the buttons in the game by clicking the left mouse button.

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StartUp Fever

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