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There are four types of arenas featured in game! Let’s take a look at a quick rundown to understand how and when you can unlock those arenas. is a Multiplayer bow and arrow game developed by Cheetah Games. The game is very much compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. You can list it as another mobile IO game that is free for all players. You will be taken into a small arena ruled by numerous archers from across the world. Before you start the combat, make sure you snatch your bow and prepare your abilities! is also an entertaining game when it offers to you some awesome arenas with different characteristics, such as Beginner Arena, Masters Arena, Firestorm Arena, and Midnight Arena. If you want to find out more about these arenas, make sure you won’t miss a quick rundown below here.

Beginner Arena

Beginner Arena Beginner Arena

This is a kind of arena that is so much basic and it’s considered as the first arena you have to join if you are a newbie. At the main page of the game, you will see the Beginner Arena with three options below, such as limited-time championship, online game, and offline game. They are also game modes you can choose to play as well. Just input a nickname for your archer, then, spawn in this arena in order to fight against other opponent archers. Whichever mode you pick, you will always go through this arena first if you want to unlock the subsequent arenas.

Masters Arena

Masters Arena Masters Arena

This is the second Arena you can engage in after playing the Beginner Arena. The name of this arena said that this place was only for the masters, which means you need to become the excellent player by obtaining at least 290 scores. This is the main conditions for unlocking the Masters Arena. Once joining this arena, you will enjoy beautiful graphics with stunning backgrounds. Also, you will get a chance to earn over 5 Mapas, along with 30 abilities.

Firestorm Arena

Firestorm Arena Firestorm Arena

Firestorm arena is covered by the snow, just like the Masters Arena. It has amazing backgrounds and an awesome map that you can enjoy. If you want to engage in this arena, just make sure you obtain 200 kills in the Masters Arena. The main feature of the third arena is that you can enjoy infinite shooting.

Midnight Arena

Midnight Arena Midnight Arena

This is the last arena featured in the game for now. You will also enjoy the snowy weather with pretty graphics in this arena. Lots of archers will join this one, so you will bump into them more and fight against them using your abilities. The only way to unlock the Midnight Arena is that must obtain 300 kills from the Firestorm Arena.


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