Game is a classic .iO game about a unique racing. The new challenge takes place on a large playing field. Discover every corner along with multiple rivals and try to dominate the top spot as soon as possible! You will be given a cycle and you should master how to control it quickly. While moving around, you will draw long neon trail. The own colored line will be considered as the most effective weapon that you can use to attack and kill other players in a wink. It will grow in size if you keep riding. At that moment, you must avoid crashing into everybody. Otherwise, your trip will have to stop instantly. In, you can perform a speed boost. It is important for you to overtake opponents, turn in front of them and encircle the prey. Cause them to run into your trap and they will explode. Watch out! You can be eliminated with the same strategy. Are you willing to experience and win?

How to play

Use WASD keys to steer, LMB or Space to speed up.

About the Author


Scarlet is a game writer. Her hobbies are traveling and reading books. She loves to play epic matches with friends and proves her surviving skills game. Have fun.


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