Game is a cool 2d shooter .iO game having a unique concept. Play a completely different survival challenge in Free For All mode and conquer every round to win. The mission is to become the last standing man. In each stage, you will be able to fight against lots of enemies around the world. Thus, you must keep you safe until the end. In case you are killed, you cannot respawn when the next one begins. There are tons of weapons scattered across the battlefield that you can pick up and trigger without difficulty. Aside from that, you can find countless mysterious crates and health packs on the ground. Just collect whatever you want and use them. These boxes will contain powerful gear along with guns and boosts. Medkits are really useful to heal your damaged parts. So, a firearm is obviously stronger than a sword or an axe. It will offer an upper hand over other people. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, Shift to sprint, F to interact, Space to dash, LMB to attack, the mouse wheel or Q to switch weapons.


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