Game is a great classic game set in a special maze. It is too small to move and escape. You will not play solo as the experience in the original. But, you will have the chance to explore every corner of the new map along with multiple players. Aside from that, you are able to meet up with a lot of dangerous enemies. You will start off with a yellow circular character. You are also known as one of the dots eaters. Indeed, you need to eat as many food pellets as possible to increase your score. While moving around the playing area, try to run away from the foe. You can drop a blinding item to confuse the chaser. Especially, you are allowed to take your revenge on Ghosts and devour them back once you collect pills. Be careful! Those power-ups will not last for too long. And you are forced to flee promptly or you will be killed. Let’s begin and become the top winner!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move, Space to drop a blinding item.


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