Santa Parkour

Santa Parkour Game

Santa Parkour game online is about Santa, a character who trying to perform skills while moving with gifts. It contains lots of skills that you can open with cards.

Santa Parkour is a special game full of dangerous holes

These holes actually appear everywhere in your Santa Parkour christmas game. Not only that, the movement speed of the screen will gradually increase. And, they may be the two major reasons that can make you lose.

Therefore, you need to choose the exact moments to jump or parkour. So, you are able to save time and gather enough cards. Further, cards will allow you to unlock or upgrade the present skill.

Play Santa Parkour online on your browsers for free and open every ability

Actually, there are 12 skills in Santa Parkour unblocked. Additionally, you can own them once you have enough certain cards. After that, they will be available for you to use.

Let’s play Santa Parkour online on browsers through levels, complete them, and share it with your friends! Attempts to survive and move as far as you can!

How to play Santa Parkour

Hold the left mouse button if you want to jump

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Santa Parkour

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