Warbands Game

Warbands shooting is a multiplayer 3D game. Stealing the other’s flag will be the key to helping you become the winner in the coming battle. Remember to use weapons!

Warbands is a playfield where you fight against many cunning enemies

In this Warbands game, you will control a special character who has various tools to deal with his foes. Furthermore, you can move around a dangerous area. In which, your competitors are hiding. Be careful! In fact, they are always ready to clear you.

Join Warbands shooting and try to manage your abilities with weapons smartly!

While roaming in Warbands unblocked, you need to dodge shots for survival. In addition to that, you can choose suitable weapons to launch. Therefore, it’s feasible to get rid of the opposite people with your knives, rifles, rockets, grenades, or revolvers. So, depending on the circumstance, you can select them.

Finally, it’s completely available to play Warbands free online with multiple characters on the same battlefield right now. Are you willing to hop into the newest battle, capture the flag, and defend your life to conquer the mission?

How to play Warbands

Hit WASD keys to wander around the playfield Click Left Mouse to attack the enemy Click Right Mouse to aim at somebody Press 1-5 to choose weapons

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