How to play: Use the mouse to move, 1 to rock stance, 2 to paper stance, 3 to scissors stance.



123shoot.io is a funny space-themed MMO classic game based on Agar.io and Slither.io styles. Play free online the multiplayer mode and compete against other rivals all over the world. Become the top player as soon as possible to dominate the map. Enter the same arena and show up the own ability to beat the opponent and rank up. You will embark on your job with a rocket. If you have ever experienced “Rock Paper Scissors”, you will realize many similarities. So, you can use those rules to explore your challenge. Aside from normal movements, you are able to speed boost in the short time by collecting the energy scattered across the playfield. Besides, 123shoot.io will bring a special skill. Check 1 2 3 keys and shoot after that. Do not forget to approach the target and change your stance immediately! Get ready to enjoy and win your way! Good luck!

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