How to play: Use the mouse to move, Spacebar to split the cell, W to eject some mass.

Description: by Matheus Valadares is one of the initial famous multiplayer Io game. After you spawn, you will start your journey as a tiny cell. You have to attempt to climb up to the top position on the leaderboard and stay there as long as possible in order to be the best winner of the day. What you can do when you enter the map is to collect all of the colored pellets. They are the good food for you and everybody to grow in size. It means that you can enlarge when you swallow them. Also, you can gain the high score. Be careful! The other players in will always keep an eye on your movement. Don’t let any bigger opponent push you in the corner and kill you or you will have to restart! You are able to hunt smaller preys and set traps to destroy the enemy. Splitting or ejecting are the ways that you can apply in many situations. Let’s pick out the game mode that you like most to experience your story right now! Good luck!

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