Alien Attack

How to play: Use WASD keys to move around the spaceship.


Alien Attack

Alien Attack game talks about a survival battle set in 2050. The peaceful era ends up since aliens decided to betray the humans. Their scientists study out a crazy method that can change everybody in form in the short time so people cannot resist their orders. Unfortunately, you are one of the targets that they choose. You will start off with an astronaut. And, your mission is to hide from those wicked creatures until the last moment. Be careful! The enemy can lurk in your spaceman friends. However, you are recommended to work as a team. It is also a good idea to escape from chasers effectively. Not only that, you are advised to search for weapons scattered around the ship or buy them by spending your scores. They are very helpful to kill the opponent and protect yourself. Additionally, other items like crates can be used to build a barricade. Good luck!

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