How to play: Use LMB or Space to shoot laser, RMB or W to accelerate, E to fire missiles, Q to boost.

Description: is an online Agario style game about an intense multiplayer dogfight. Fly around the map with a spaceship which is similar to a colored triangle and fight against tons of enemies around the world. Enjoy the fun and adventurous gameplay and show up your skills to become the top player. Travel around the playing field and collect as much stardust as possible to increase the size of your ship. They also help you level up and grow stronger. Do not crash into meteors! These asteroids will cause damage to you. Even, they will finally put an end to you immediately. Nevertheless, you are recommended to exploit them to gain power-ups like health packs. Be careful of mines floating around the battleground! There are several portals that you can use to change your spot in a wink. With a laser and missiles, try to launch powerful hits. Remember to charge and reload!

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