How to play: Use the mouse to move, hold left click to swing the hammer.

Description: is a great free-to-play multiplayer online Io game which bringing a fresh wind for those who are always tired from corrupt politicians and false celebrities. It’s possible for you to select and control the available famous person that you like most! Help him or her fight against the opponent in the other parties and destroy all of them to become the best candidate. Try to achieve the goal as soon as possible to dominate the world in! Fortunately, you will not battle by using your bare hands. But, you and everybody on the map will be armed with special hammers. Use that weapon to attack and beat any target in sight while avoiding getting hit. When you defeat the prey, you can collect much more money than gathering the gold on the ground and make the own tool bigger. It means you also get stronger. Play and take part in the funny battle now!

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