How to play: Use WASD or the mouse to control your boat. Tap Space or click on the button in the bottom right corner to activate your special weapon.

Description: is an astonishing ocean-themed 2d shooter game in which you are able to take part in a cool combat with multiple players on the same map. Or, you can copy and send the link to your friends to create a party. After choosing the server and entering the name, you will have the chance to explore a dangerous playfield containing two teams. Check out another interesting fast-paced challenge wisely and become the top winner as soon as possible. Work together with many teammates and help each other to beat the opponent in the short time by using cannons or torpedoes. Do not forget to collect crates on the water to move mines, level up, reload, and repair your boat! Meanwhile, avoid running into barriers and turrets turning on or you will be killed. Are you ready to experience? Set sail and show up your shooting skill to rule the new world now!

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