How to play: Use LMB to attack, RMB to dash attack.



Battlz.Club is a super fun Free For All game. In other words, you need to solve every trouble along the way by yourself and you cannot team up with anybody on the map. So, you will have to rely on your own abilities to defeat other characters and take over the top spot as fast as possible. After you accept to enter the arena, you should collect all of the souls that you encounter. They will help you earn the higher ranks and dominate the leaderboard sooner. When you gain more experience, you can advance quickly. Especially, you can reach the position you want if you are successful in creating Soul Streak. Aside from launching normal or standard attacks, you can dash and hit harder. Fireballs that float around the map can be used to cause massive damage to the prey. So, you are recommended to stay away from these items before you are pushed into. Good luck!

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