How to play: Use the mouse to wander around the map, W to drop some single blocks, A and D to rotate.

Description: is a new, simple, and exciting Io game that you should try. it is considered as a stunning combination between and Tetris. It’s free for all to play now! In the massive playing field, you will spawn as a tiny single block. And you have to act quickly and skillfully to grow in size by collecting other shapes without colliding with bigger cubes or obstacles or they will break you immediately. Not only that, everything you have obtained will belong to them. Until you are large enough, you can embark on another chase. Target smaller objects and attack them. Do not forget to pick up the parts they leave! They are effective to increase the own mass quicker. In a few cases, you are able to drop some pieces. The mission is to take over the highest position on the leaderboard. Are you ready? Let’s explore and build up an empire your way! Have fun!

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