How to play: Direct your character by using arrow keys or WASD Click left mouse or spacebar to utilize your attacks.



Blockorgame will keep you entertained and hooked for sure! Be sure to check out and play this awesome Multiplayer iO game online and grab this chance to show off your skills. Before starting your battle, you will select your favorite class and a color for your team. Always remember that each class has its own unique skill and a powerful weapon for you to battle. Try to stay focused on your game, make your way through all challenges as you try to kill a bunch of enemies. Be sure to pick up tons of coins while moving, so you can spend them on purchasing many awesome items in the shop, like new weapons, or other useful stuff. Your main goal is to take over the castles as much as you can, defeat the opponent teams and try to survive longer! Let’s join the game now and see if you can conquer all challenges or not!

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