How to play: Use the mouse to control your car, throw the flail and click again to take it back.

Description: is another cool Multiplayer iO game that you can play free online now. You will get a chance to show off your car-controlling skill in this fun game. So join it now and start battling against lots of opponents. Sounds so simple, but it’s extremely difficult for mastering! You will take control of your car carefully and try to use your flail to beat other enemies. Your flail must be upgraded and developed gradually, and to do so, you have to snatch up more energy from a bunch of sources. Be careful with the green sentinels, since they will take your energy away if you get disturbed Make sure you use your tactics wisely and cleverly to defeat the opponents. You can try to squash against the wall, and do anything possible stuff that can help you kill them more quickly. Just become a brutal player! Show no mercy to the opponents! Give this game a try now!

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