How to play: Press the left mouse to summon units.



CastleGlory.IO is a wonderful free online multiplayer strategy game with an interesting gameplay. It is available for you to play and fight against plenty of enemies. Together discover the new challenge and become the top player as soon as possible. Take the role of a commander and you need to master how to summon or deploy units quickly. You will not have much time to learn since the battle that you are going to join is really brutal. So, you will surpass the other if you understand the way your army works. Aside from that, you can check a large number of upgradeable resources buildings. Both of two elements are crucial. They affect the final result. Besides, you can much more exciting stuff when your troop is leveled up. With essential items you receive, you can beat the opponent and dominate the whole map without difficulty. A strong tower defense is an extremely useful structure. Good luck!

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