How to play: Use WASD keys to move, LMB to attack, RMB to dash or poop, Space to throw power-ups, E to breed or visit the shop.

Description: is an amazing Agario style game. Select to start as a Cat or a Dog. Join the ultimate fight against the opposing team to dominate the whole map and become the top player. You will move around the area and collect food along with other power-ups to grow in size and get stronger. Meanwhile, you can swing your claw and attack other enemies. Defeat them and claim more lands then. Especially, you are allowed to breed and make kittens or puppies. Throw these little animals at the target to eliminate him. You will obtain a lot of gold. Visit the shop to buy upgrades and medical perks. Not only that, you can open the door of vet stations to restore your health after you are damaged or get sick because of eating poops. During the battle, you should work together with teammates. Remember to cover your friends when they are in danger. Good luck!

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