Connect 4 IO

Connect 4 IO Game

Connect 4 IO is not a simple classic game. But, it will lead you to a place where you will have the right to choose the room and the opponent that you want. So, you are able to check your thinking ability with a random rival or compete with your friends in a private area. Or, you can join a competition with multiple players all over the world. More importantly, you need to gain the highest score which used to beat the other and bring back the glory to you. The rules that you should follow is not difficult to understand. Just set one token per turn and build up vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows of 4 consecutive items of your color. Additionally, the one who finishes that goal will be the winner. After you sit in front of the playing board, you can observe the grid and make a plan. Do not forget to keep track the progress of your antagonist to block him promptly! Good luck!

How to play Connect 4 IO

Click and you can drop your items into the slot you want.

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Connect 4 IO

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