How to play: Use the mouse to move, LMB to boost.

Description: is a great MMO Agario style classic game that you are able to play with lots of antagonists for free. Select your favorite cartoon character, for example, Pikachu or Mario, and do not forget that you will be able to drive a corresponding car. Get in your vehicle and start to crash into other characters on the map. You can move your way. However, you should act smartly because you can be destroyed whenever if you cannot dodge attacks of the foe. In, you are allowed to boost your movement speed after you wait for the fuel is filled. Not only that, you can grow bigger, recover your health, and earn a lot of scores once you obtain coins. If you are successful in controlling your acceleration, you can cause massive damage to the prey from their rear easily. Note that it is also the weakest point of you that you need to protect it. Good luck!

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