How to play: Use the arrow keys to move around the field.

Description: is one of the latest multiplayer online Io games that you can play for free with other players in a cramped field. It is a good selection for those who are looking for the new experience. The objective that you must complete once you step into the challenge is to become the King. You will control a tiny strange character looks like a short snake. However, it can draw a very long tail when you move. And then, you need to act carefully and resolve every dangerous situation quickly to survive and escape all of the traps of everybody inside the race. Also, keep away from walls or avoid running into anyone. But, you can get through holes. Try to survive until you win! In the, you will have the chance to upgrade your racer and unlock a lot of amazing power-ups. Let’s start and explore the own strategy right now! Collect coins and purchase items! Have fun!

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