How to play: Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, Space to reserve.

Description: is one of the latest MMO strategy games based on Slither style. Take part in a classic match and try to become the biggest snake as soon as possible. After you spawn, you can roam around the map to collect food pieces. They will help you gain mass. However, you can grow longer if you attack other opponents’ weak spots. You should choose their tail and their sides. But, you are advised to select those who have the lower level at the beginning. Not only that, you can swallow the opposite rival if you are larger than him. Obviously, you will encounter a lot of predators along the way. In case you cannot manage to defeat them, you’d better hide inside available blocks scattered on the floor. They must be green rocks which are bigger than your size. You can exit easily if you want to continue your adventure. Good luck!


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