How to play: Press WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to shoot, RMB or Space to build.

Description: is a good 2D shooter game by Florent. It has many exciting features that you will receive during your journey. For example, there are many airplane models for you to choose from or you can change skin. Additionally, the fun gameplay also gives you a memorable experience. Especially, you will unlock and use a superpower when you reach stage20. After you enter the challenge, you can embark on setting up a territory of your own by creating a series of closed lines and big points. When they are connected together, they will mark the new land immediately. Remember to defend them and block the enemy before they destroy those walls and kill you! So, you are able to invade, break everything the foe achieved and occupy. Besides, you are allowed to shoot down everything or everybody on the path. Let’s check your skills, level up, unlock all upgrades, and take over the top spot!

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