Game is an amazing browser-based MMO game pronounced like the name of a Spanish gold coin called Doubloon. It is about a simplistic combat set in a 2D sea environment. In the new playing field, you will be able to fight against tons of the opponents around the real world and become the top player. To dominate the leaderboard, you need to beat a lot of challenges and overcome all of the difficulties so as to achieve the highest score. With a very basic boat and two simple cannons located on two sides of the ship, you will start to roam around and find the target. Shoot down the foe while collecting the items passively spawned at random. These orbs also appear after you demolish the enemy. Not only that, they are helpful for you to earn experience and gold, which is used to unlock upgrades. There are many secrets waiting for you ahead. Let’s play and win!

How to play

Use WASD or arrows to move, left click or Space to fire, F to shoot coins.


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