How to play: Press WASD to move, Space to jump or charge, LMB to attack, Shift to sneak, Q to drop items, R to recycle buildings, E to mount or unmount weapons and turrets.


Play free online the cool game and seize the opportunity to fight against the boss, who has been added to the latest update. It is also necessary to defend yourself against all of the other players. So, you are joining in a massive deathmatch in which you are forced to defeat every opponent to survive and become the top character. Do not ignore collecting resources with power-ups and craft more items after you embark on the adventure! Better weapons and tools will allow you to keep you safe longer and build strong houses or bases and other structures like turrets to prevent the foe’s assault. Aside from that, try to eat as much as possible to gain extra energy. You can team up with some allies to create a formidable clan and do not forget to unlock upgrades. Let’s take part in the journey and show up your abilities to climb up to the highest position on the ranking right now!

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