How to play: Use WASD to move, left click to mine, choose and place blocks, right click to spin attack, Space to dash.



Join the new and awesome challenge in DRILLZ.IO free for all game with multiple players! Conquer the mission and become the winner as soon as possible! Work hard and act carefully to defend yourself from every the dangerous situation in the path and collect enough upgrades to your drill. With the given tool, you can begin your job easily. Look at the words under the bar at the top screen before you search for what you want. Next, you can observe the current map and mine the trees or rocks or something useful. When you gather essential material, you can level up and control a better machine. While you are focusing on exploiting, keep an eye on everybody wandering around you, spin and kill the enemy if they approach you with bad intentions. Remember to build up bases by choosing blocks in the inventory and placing them in an area! Good luck!

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