How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to roam, left click to fire, R to reload, Space to trigger advanced power-ups.

Description: is one of the most exciting multiplayer online arena-based games that you can play against numerous enemies and experience tons of powerful weapons. But, everything is not free. You will choose the gun, the armor, and the color that you want before you enter the combat. Wander around the playing field carefully and attack the target swiftly. The mission is to become the top player as soon as possible. The score that you obtain after each kill will bring to you the chance to unlock a lot of amazing items with special abilities. To gain more points, you are able to find the square at the center. Occupy it and receive the award. provides to everybody 21,600 unique class and perk loadouts. To view and pick out the favorite advantage, click the upgrade icon on the HUD. Besides, you can learn how to cover yourself with available surrounding objects. Additionally, take out the adversary while they are reloading. Good luck!

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