How to play: Use LMB to reveal a tile, RMB to mark a mine with a flag.



HexSweep.io is an addictive MMO Free For All Io game. It leads you to a classic challenge taking place on a dangerous map in which you have to expand your territory and take over the largest land as soon as possible. You will have the opportunity to play online minesweeper along with other people around the world. After you enter the playfield, you and your rivals will be given a small area. From that beginning point, you can make it enlarge by identifying more spaces or mines in the correct way. If you find a blank tile, you can click to identify it. However, you should right-click on the hexagonal space to mark it with a flag if you are certain that it can harm you. In case you incorrectly explore a hexagon while it is a mine, it will explode and you are forced to restart. Attempt to act fast and wisely in order to climb up to the higher spot!

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