How to play: Use the mouse to control your character Click left mouse or key Q to aim and hook, detach it by clicking your mouse again. Click right mouse button or key W to use a shield, and block the hooks. Press key 2 for using special skill of your class. If you change classes, you will have to spend 10 points. Use keys 1234 for classes, including red, green, blue and purple respectively.


Here comes a new Multiplayer iO game that will get you addicted! Let’s play Hookem.io now and add it to your favorite iO game list if you want. The game has its own gameplay, and you will like it for sure. Your main mission is to use your skills to hook the opponents and cleverly take away their energy to defeat them before they do the same to you. The most important thing that the game has is it features lots of amazing classes for you to use! Also, you are able to freely create many awesome and strong combos to take out the enemies more easily, including Purple class, teleportation, switching to the Green class, and enabling your shield. Make a good use of all your classes and try to reach the highest position on the leaderboard. Just stay focused on your game, have your skills ready all the time and survive as long as possible!

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