How to play: Left click to attack, tap Spacebar to dash.



Discover the new adventure in the classic Junglz.io game and pick out the top strategy to conquer the leaderboard! You and every competitor will be moved to a dense forest in which you need to survive as long as possible. With the weapon that you are given after you embark on your journey, you can launch deadly hits and eliminate your opponents in an instant. Try to dodge the foe’s assault for survival! In case you cannot deal with somebody who is stronger or more aggressive than you, you are recommended to run away from him by boosting your speed. Causing damage to the target and dashing will be two activities that you often use in Junglz.io. Aside from that, you should look for and gather food pieces to grow your gear in size. When it is bigger, you can smash or defend better. Besides, watch out for venomous plants on the path. Good luck!

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