How to play: Use the mouse or arrows to drive, right mouse to boost, left mouse or Spacebar to fire.



Kartwars.io is a free multiplayer online Io game bringing a lot of surprises for players when mixing elements from mostly Tanwars.io and Diep.io. The goal is to become the leader. You are not able to find out any upgrade during the challenge. Nevertheless, you can collect and use lots of exciting items. Aside from that, you will be equipped with a shield. Drive the vehicle around the map, pick up gold coins, and obtain hexagons to gain the score (also increase the shield) while killing other opponents in Kartwars.io. There are various weapons in which homing rockets are very effective to destroy the enemy. Don’t try to get through others or they can steal your stuff! When anybody dies, they will leave their mass. Just come and absorb all. Once you gather enough kills and points, your kart will move faster. Let’s play and uncover the remaining part right now! Have much fun!

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