How to play: Use the WASD keys to move. Press left click or Space to fire, 1-5 to change weapons.

Description: is a free-to-play multiplayer online Io game. Join the new combat set in a very large arena as a Vampire or a Human and embark on beating the opposing team. The main aim is to become the top player. You need to gather the most kill as soon as possible to rank up and dominate the position you expect. Roam around the map, collect orbs to earn experience and level up. Aside from that, you also receive much more scores which are spent on getting cool upgrades for stats and skills. While you are moving, you should keep an eye on every incoming projectile and choose the appropriate objects surrounding to defend yourself for survival. Select the proper time to counterattack. There are dozens of modern powerful weapons ready for you to use. However, try to learn abilities that they have to achieve the better outcome. Start and enjoy your way!

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