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Shooting the enemies never gets you tired! Play Kugeln.io right now and take this chance to perform your shooting skills! This is one of the best Multiplayer Shooter iO game that you shouldn’t ignore. The game features three game modes for your selection, including death match, team death match, and capture the flag! Each of modes has its own target for you to obtain! In Death Match, you must kill the enemies and gain the highest score to win the battle. In the team mode, you must team up with your members in order to kill the opponents and try to earn the highest point to become the winner. For the Capture the Flag mode, you must take over the flags of the enemies, and bring them to your realm to win the battle. Make sure you use your skills and prepare your tactics in advance so you can deal with all the attacks and take out the enemies more easily. Have fun!

How to play Kugeln.io

Use keys A/D to direct your character, tap spacebar for jumping. Aim and shoot with the left mouse, release a grapnel with the right mouse button. Use key E for using the machine gun. Pick up more weapons on the map to reload your gun.


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Scarlet is a game writer. Her hobbies are traveling and reading books. She loves to play epic matches with friends and proves her surviving skills game. Have fun.


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