How to play: Use the mouse the move, left mouse to boost, Spacebar to charge and shoot the laser.


Play, one of the best free multiplayer online games, and take part in an exciting combat! In which, you will have the occasion to experience the adventure with the new species which evolved from a familiar fish in the ocean. It is not the shark that you have ever seen before. But, it is equipped with a powerful weapon. Not only that, the story will relate to a brutal battle. Control your character and help him become the strongest creature quickly. When you take over the leaderboard in, you should stay there as long as possible. What you need to do is to kill all of the enemies on the map, level up, turn into another, and conquer the hardest challenge. Be careful of using your laser because it has a small charge-up time! You can cancel charging by boosting. Try to earn lots of scores and upgrade your shark! Aside from that, pick up orbs to gain more points. Higher evolutions will make you meaner. Have much fun!

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