How to play: Use the right click to move, left click to attack, Q/ W/ E/ R for abilities.



Legions.io is a multiplayer online Io game that you can play for free as a knight, a mage or an archer. Just pick out the character or the hero along with the team that you want to embark on the new challenge. You will take part in a battle in order to fight against the enemy troop which is finding the way to annex all lands in the own kingdom. Your mission is to wipe out every wicked intruder as fast as possible before they take control of your territory. When you choose the fighter, you also receive the unique weapon and skills from him. And you should use them wisely to defend yourself and destroy the foe to gain XP and level up. In the combat of Legions.io, you will have the occasion to prove your power and dominate the top spot on the leaderboard. Are you ready to experience and explore the deathmatch? Make sure you can survive until you become the winner. Good luck!

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