How to play: Use the mouse to direct your character, left click to boost.

Description: is a new awesome Io game which is similar to But, you will play as a glowing worm instead of a snake. It looks like a ghost, too. Control this special character and help him eat as much food as possible to enlarge. This feature sounds familiar with Indeed, the dots that you see on the ground and absorb are very useful for you to get stronger and bigger quickly. When you become the largest player on the server, you will have the chance to dominate the leaderboard’s top spot without difficulty. While you are playing, you are able to boost and set traps. If the others hit your mass you shoot behind, they will be killed. Remember to gather their remains to grow faster! However, your mass will reduce when you speed up. There are still many exciting secrets waiting for you to uncover. Get ready to engage the adventure and survive until you reach the target! Good luck!

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