How to play: Use the mouse to move, left mouse button to speed up.


Little Big Snake game similar to Slither style. Explore the brand new and play against all of the enemies alone or with friends. Eat, enlarge, and dominate the world of scary wild creatures! Depart and absorb every glowing orb on the ground to grow longer. if you are lucky, you can find the remaining part of slain players. Consume their energy and you will become much bigger. However, you cannot set a record or get crowns anymore if you do not how to protect your head from hitting rocks and tails. So, you should figure out the appropriate strategy to avoid those dangerous obstacles and quickly cut off the other guys once you are ready. In Little Big Snake, you can die many times before you climb up to the highest position in the ranking. Thus, you will have the chance to engage the Juja’s game. But, you will be a small insect which can fly without difficulty. Collect the nectar and smash every slug or jujas to complete your task. Remember to unlock upgrades and take presents!


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