How to play: Use LMB to cast the current spell, WASD or Arrows to move, Enter to chat, Space to clear the spell, 1-7 to add elements to spells.


Explore another world with your Mage in the fun 2d shooter game and play against other characters to choose the best player. It is available to check out the cool Free For All mode by yourself. Take part in an interesting adventure and use your skills wisely to dominate the top spot. According to the new update, the starting zone is now a secure town. You will have the chance to become a part of the deep elemental system which allows you and everybody to learn about 7 elements and combine them with your current spells. When you earn enough XP, you will receive an exciting scroll. There are plenty of special abilities that you can discover and test. You are able to summon minions with Dark, protect your life with Earth, trick your rivals with Psychic, and more. If you set up an order of wizards, you can claim an area. Working together will be effectual to put up a strong fort. Besides, you should utilize upgrades. Good luck!

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