How to play: Use the mouse to roam, click to run, W to swim or trigger the ability, Enter to chat.

Description: is a cool multiplayer online survival game. Play solo or make a party and invite your friends for free! You will start off the adventure as a mouse or a shrimp. According to the animal that you choose, you will step into a corresponding environment. In which, you need to roam around to find food outlined light-green in order to eat, become bigger, and fill up the XP bar located at the screen’s bottom. Meanwhile, you should defend yourself by running away from players who have the red outline. They can eat you swiftly and easily. Speeding up is necessary for some situations. Aside from that, you can drink by collecting the blue blobs so as to keep the water meter topped up. Once you gather enough experience, you will evolve and turn into a better or stronger character. From that, you can level up and get closer to the highest position on the leaderboard, which is considered as the final destination of the journey. Good luck!

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