How to play: Move your character with the mouse Press keys Q to run, key W to fart, and key E for shooting fart.

Description: is a hilarious and addictive Multiplayer game online where you take on a role of a little butt trying to kill other opponents by farting! The game sounds so funny, and surely you will find it extremely interesting and exciting to play. Before spawning into the game arena, you can utilize some skins colors, and customize your character if you want. To kill other opponent butts, you need to absorb a lot of beans, then go fart a lot! The more you kill, the bigger you are! There are plenty of amazing powers that you can use to destroy other enemies and consume their beans more easily, such as fire, dangerous fart, stinky farts, or even fast sprint. Make sure you protect your mass carefully and don’t let other opponents steal your mass, or else you won’t be able to survive longer. Try to gain a higher score so that you can reach the first position on the leaderboard.

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