Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers Game

Shell Shockers is a great 3d shooter game set in Free For All mode. Play solo against every opponent and destroy them to become the winner.

To dominate the leaderboard, try to gain the most kill! Take part in a crazy combat and fight your way. Remember to act carefully since you can be shot and broken whenever!

You are able to use objects in the port like containers. They are useful items to cover your body and block coming bullets before they destroy you. You are going to face the most aggressive players around the world. Don’t worry! The weapon that you are armed is effective to crack or smash everything in an instant.

If you can do that, keep an on the place where they have disappeared since they sometimes drop power-ups. If you reload promptly, you can avoid deadly situations. Besides of the shotgun, you should throw grenades to clear much more. Good luck!

How to play Shell Shockers

Hit WASD to move, LMB to fire, Q to throw grenades, R to reload, E to change weapons.

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Scarlet is a game writer. Her hobbies are traveling and reading books. She loves to play epic matches with friends and proves her surviving skills game. Have fun.

Shell Shockers

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