How to play: Use WASD or arrows to move, left click to shoot, click on skill buttons or press 1-6 to spend on upgrades.

Description: is a great MMO game following the style of Explore a new fun-addicting fast-paced combat with multiple players and fight against each other to earn the highest ranking which is very important to bring you to the top spot. Embark on the challenge with a spaceship. Fly around the map and shoot down anything that you see on the path. Earn kills, increase your score, and get closer to the position you expect. Not only that, you can unlock the next level. Even though you are in any case, remember that finding out the appropriate strategy will allow you to win sooner. In, do not forget to destroy asteroids. They will provide skill points. Spend them on purchasing upgrades! Be careful! Do not approach them when they explode or you will be damaged! If there is a small planet near the enemy, blast it to remove the target. Good luck!

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