How to play: Use Z or A to turn left, X or D to turn right. Press "," or W to thrust. Hit "." or the mouse button to fire.

Description: is a free-to-play multiplayer online retro-arcade space action game. There is only one goal that you need to accomplish if you want to be the winner. That is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Also, stay there as long as possible. Addition to this, you should get them before they get you. Who are they? You will soon have the answer after you join in the battle. When you enter the arena, nothing can kill you in the first ten seconds or until you move or shoot. The ship that you control will be equipped with a shield. It helps you avoid dangerous collisions with photons and other players in It will increase if you shoot down asteroids. When you destroy an enemy, you will receive scores. There is a super weapon that you can grab somewhere on the map. It looks like the photon. However, more weapons will be added soon. Let’s take part in the battle and check your ability right now!

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