How to play: Use the mouse to navigate the spaceship. Press the left mouse or Spacebar to shoot. hit S to split and dash.


Play the game against online opponents around the world for free! You are joining in an extremely fierce combat. The mission that you need to accomplish is to take over the battlefield. Try to collect the highest score in the shortest time and you will reach the goal! Firstly, select the fleet and the name that you like most to embark on your job. After entering the arena, remember to protect your weak troop from attacks of other players to survive. Aside from that, don’t leave the safe area or venture the danger zone. When the number of spaceships increases, you can hunt and attack the target. However, you should still act carefully until you create the most crowded army. At that time, you will easily shoot down the enemy. It’s possible for you to split and dash if necessary! In the, a good tactic will help you win faster. Why don’t you share the game with your friend or copy and paste the available link on the starting screen now? Have much fun!

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